Monday, October 12, 2009


Opportunities are everywhere. But we often miss them because we are too busy to take the time to ask the question, what do I really want to do with the rest of my life? Yet it is within this question that we discover something important about who we are, what is working and what isn't, making it possible for critical new choices. Reflection can reveal an existing undercurrent of discontent that begs for clarity or it can confirm peace, joy and contentment. But it requires honesty and painful soul searching.

Throughout our lifetime, we are given opportunities for such examination. Sometimes, they come when we suffer a major loss, trajedy or crisis. After the death of my husband, that question re-surfaced for me: Who am I now? Many layers of my identity had been lost in that death. Yet, it was through my loss that I discovered the joy and passion of writing. As I redefined who I was, I was able to affirm and integrate what was important from my past, let go of petty and useless habits, put in place a new discipline and acquire a stronger faith in God and acceptance of self. From my therapeutic journals came the publication of my book, "A Love so Great, A Grief so Deep".

Writing is sharing what we have learned. Within our life stories are sorrows and pain, regrets and celebrations. When we share our griefs and losses, victories and failures, disappointments as well as accomplishments, we are extending an opportunity for validation of another's journey. When we look for and act upon opportunities as they emerge from any and all situations in our lives, we also create opportunities for others.